Thursday 28 March 2019

A fun collaboration

I met Maria of Expeditionary Art when I visited Seattle in 2015, after a few years of chatting online.

She is an avid sketcher and had created a lovely Pocket Palette - a tiny credit card sized palette - that really looked useful for those of us trying to keep our travel kits small and portable. the little metal pans and mini pans are held in place by a magnet so are interchangeable. She also created some really well made Art Tool Kits to hold the palettes and sketching tools. She's made additions and improvements over the years, including and adding more pan sizes, and we've kept in touch and met up again to sketch in 2017.

I'm delighted that she's launching a limited edition of the Pocket Palette filled with my Ultimate Mixing Palette of Daniel Smith watercolours - all 15 of them, including the new Jane's Grey. This range is designed to be able to mix any colour, usually using only two colours, no matter what subject you wish to paint.

The Pocket Palette filled with The Ultimate Mixing Set of Daniel Smith watercolours - a perfect combination :-)
I created a reference book to go with this set of colours to show how versatile they are, which I self-published through I'll be discounting my print books by 15% from now until the end of April in conjunction with this offer so I hope they are just a little easier to pick up if you've been thinking about it. The book is also available as a PDF or eBook.

Here's the link to Maria's blog and store. Here is the link to the Premium Matt version of my book. It is also available in standard paper here.

Happy sketching :-)

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  1. Hello, Jane. I bought a Pocket Palette a year or so aho. It really is so light and tiny!