Wednesday 2 September 2020

Travel Sketching Online Course


I hope you are well, and staying safe during this most unusual time.

I have been a little quiet on my blog as I have been working on the Mastering Watercolours online course I launched in April, and the Travel Sketching course I launched in August.

Both are now up and running and it is wonderful to be working with a responsive and enthusiastic international community.

These courses are based on the PDF courses I have been teaching for many years. I have expanded the original courses, added videos and many more challenges and loaded them onto the very user-friendly Ruzuku platform.

Travel Sketching is a course designed to take participants through a huge range of sketching tools and techniques to get them comfortable sketching from life in a sketchbook, using a portable kit that suits their needs. Each lesson has a mix of videos, step-by-step photos and written explanations, with a question section at the end. There are plenty of opportunities to share ideas, artworks and suggestions throughout the course.

The final lesson was released on the 21st October so the full course is available as an Open Access course. You can see a short video here to get an idea of the course.

I have since added a third course - an advanced watercolour course to follow on from Mastering Watercolours - called Special Effects in Watercolour, and a fourth course to follow on from Travel Sketching called Drawing in Detail.

Happy sketching :-)