Wednesday 20 January 2021

Workshops and plans for 2021

Welcome to 2021.

As we won't be allowed to travel from Australia for some time, I am expecting to be doing local workshops this year, and have set up a number so far.

I am doing a series of 5 watercolour workshops for Gallery 11:11, a lovely suburban gallery and art space with a wonderful 'stable' of artists and teachers. These workshops will all be held on a Thursday and Friday to enable travellers to have the weekend in Sydney if they wish. They are intended to be completed as a series or individually. Numbers are limited for these workshops as it is not a large teaching space, so you will get plenty of attention :-)

We start with Watercolour for Beginners  on the 11th and 12th February.

Colour Mixing in Watercolour is the 8th and 9th of April.

Sketching Florals and Botanicals in Watercolour is June 24th and 25th.

Travel Sketching with Watercolour is 26th and 27th August.

And finally Special Effects in Watercolour is the 28th and 29th October.

If you would like to do a residential workshop near Nowra, consider a Watercolour Landscape workshop for two days 1st and 2nd March. We were to have been teaching in Italy, but have relocated to the lovely Merribee Gardens, Number, NSW for this year. Learn the skills to paint the landscape from life.

In July the Art Scene Winter School of Arts is planned to go ahead in Bathurst. This is a week-long workshop at the university campus.

All these workshops are on my website, which is kept up to date with new workshops or changes.

For many of you, workshops in Australia are not a possibility but I am still teaching my online courses Mastering Watercolours  and Travel Sketching. These are both huge 12-lesson courses with loads of detailed lessons, extra challenges and wonderful interaction with an international community. You can join any time. 

While not teaching workshops or checking into my courses, I am working an a companion book to go with The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours. It is called Working with Triads, and will contain dozens of primary triads with a huge range of the tertiary colours they can produce, along with some interesting non-primary triads. Working with triads is a great way to create harmonious paintings.

I'll also be adding three colour-focused courses to my website this year. These are intended for artists, especially watercolour artists, who know how to paint with watercolour but want to build their colour knowledge. At this stage I expect that 'Colour Mixing' will be 5 lessons, Working with Triads will be 6 lessons and 'Working with Opposites' will be 9 lessons. 

Later in the year I hope to add two extension courses to the website - a watercolour extension to follow Mastering Watercolours and a drawing course to extend from Travel Sketching. 

I'll continue to run an in-person weekly workshop form my home studio, and two Zoom classes that others can join. One is on Tuesday mornings  and the other Thursday afternoons. These are fun classes, where we focus on a different challenge each week, often with a limited palette or based around a theme.

So I have plenty to keep me busy as I mostly work from home. I hope you are able to stay safe and busy for 2021.

Happy painting!