Thursday 7 March 2019

Handmade watercolours from Lost in Colours

Beautifully wrapped Lost in Colours package

I recently received a most beautiful package from Jyotsna of Lost in Colours. It contained a metal tin with 6 beautiful handmade watercolours that are completely non-toxic. Each half pan was wrapped in a hand-painted label and it was lovely to unwrap them.

Sealed with love :-)
The open tin - hand painted labels wrapped around the half pans.

I then painted each colour out. They re-wet with ease. The earthy colours are really beautiful. But then I've always loved earth pigments.

Lost in Colours handmade watercolour - Gold Ochre, Luberon Orange, Ercolano Red, Venetian Red, Genuine Indigo, Graphite.

The colours mixed together beautifully to create this earthy primary triad wheel.
Lost in Colours primary colour wheel with Gold Ochre, Venetian Red and Indigo.

Mixes using the primary triad above.

I don't talk a lot about health hazards much when it comes to watercolour as I see it as one of the more low-impact art supplies since there is so little wastage. However for anyone who wants to be as green and careful as possible, these colours are really eco-friendly and that is something that Jyotsna is passionate about. The website gives a good list of the colours that are safe and those that are toxic to produce or to use. It's well worth being informed.

I haven't done any lightfast tests though I'd only be nervous about the genuine indigo. For working in a sketchbook even natural indigo NB1 would be safe. 

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