Wednesday 26 January 2022

ShinHan Designer Gouache

There are 72 colours in the new ShinHan Professional Designer Gouache range, available in single 15ml tubes or in 12 or 24-colour sets. I received the Set B of 24 Designers Gouache tubes from ShinHan to try. 

The colour chart and tube labels detail the pigments used, along with a lightfast rating where * is for low lightfastness,  and **** is the highest. There is also a letter indicating the price series with A being the lowest and E the highest price. The only ingredients mentioned are pigment and gum Arabic.

I have painted them out over a permanent black line to show the degree of opacity of this set. While all are labelled as opaque, some cover the line more completely than others when used in a creamy consistency. The top square of each swatch shows the more diluted wash of gouache.

The Quinacridone Red is made with the PR254 pigment, usually known as pyrrol red - probably the most true mid-red pigment. It looks slightly too crimson here on my screen. Cadmium Red is actually more of a scarlet or orange-red than it looks on my screen. The other colours in this row are close to true, though the Jaune Brilliant is slight more peachy in reality. Reds, oranges and yellows are always difficult to capture correctly.

ShinHan Designer Gouache: Quinacridone Red, Cadmium Red, Permanent Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow,
Jaune Brilliant, Moss Green

The colours are fairly true in the next two rows.
ShinHan Designer Gouache: Terre Verte, Permanent Green Deep, Blue Green, 
Turquoise Green, Cobalt Green, Shadow Green

ShinHan Designer Gouache: Peacock Blue, Cobalt Blu, Ultramarine Deep, Indigo, Hydrangea Blue, Lilac

The Magenta is much brighter than it appears on my screen and the Pink actually looks more like the colour of a pink highlighter, but neither show up on my screen. I don't think any of these purple colours would be lightfast enough to use outside of a sketchbook, or for work created for reproduction.

ShinHan Designer Gouache: Cobalt Violet, Magenta, Pink, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Sepia

I was also sent tubes of the primary yellow, magenta and blue along with Primary White and Primary Black. This set of 5 would create a vast range of colours. Also here are the metallic and pearlescent colours and an additional black and white. The colours are fairly true though the sheen is less visible of course.

ShinHan Designer Gouache: Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan, Primary Black,
Primary White, Pearl White

ShinHan Designer Gouache: Peral Gold, Rich Gold, Silver, Peal Copper, Ivory Black, Permanent White

Like most designer gouache, these are largely quite flat and matte when painted out in a creamy strength. It would be possible to put together a workable warm and cool primary set with black, white and a few useful earth pigments to explore these paints further.

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