Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Daniel Smith new watercolours

New Daniel Smith colours for 2019 
Jane's Grey - Daniel Smith watercolour.


I have just received the 8 new Daniel Smith colours - 7 new greys and a new primatek. It's pretty exciting to have Jane's Grey in a tube like this!

There are some excellent detailed blog posts with lots of information about these colours on the Daniel Smith website so I won't add much here, just my own usual swatches and the links.

There is more information about Jane's Grey on my blog and the Daniel Smith blog. For more about the new Primatek Red Jasper Genuine, see here. For more about the very interesting Grey Titanium see here.

New Daniel Smith colours 2019 - Jane's Grey (Signature Series),
Red Jasper Genuine (Primatek), Gray Titanium.

 More information about Alvaro Castagnet's greys can be found here.
New Daniel Smith colours 2019 - Alvaro's Fresco Grey (Signature Series),
Alvaro's Caliente Grey (Signature Series)

 More information about Joseph Zbukvic's greys can be found here.
New Daniel Smith colours 2019 - Joseph Z's Neutral Grey (Signature Series),
Joseph Z's Cool Grey (Signature Series) and Joseph Z's Warm Grey (Signature Series).

Happy painting!

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  1. Gee, I'm sorry people – especially your readers – don't seem to be as excited enough about these to comment. Congrats on your new tube J.'sG. version! I really like their Gray Titanium, too – won't be able to resist that for long.
    I for one really appreciate all the information you keep online, and your continual work to keep it up to date. :^)
    - pbass wil