Thursday 23 March 2017

Schmincke Watercolours 2017 - full range

It is the 125th Anniversary of Schmincke Horadam watercolours, and they have been building up to a big release as part of an overhaul of their watercolour range. I've looked at the websites, dot cards, old and new colour charts to try to figure out the exact changes. Some colours have been removed, a number renamed and 35 new or replacements introduced to increase their range from 110 to 139 colours. (Though I did read that it was 140 colours and couldn't work out the maths - I counted them and there are 139 in the new catalogue. It's been pointed out that the 140th is Oxgall.)

I posted the 35 new colours here. Here is the full range, with thanks to Schmincke Germany and Art Scene Sydney. Where I had them I have also shown the replaced and discontinued colours in the range. The full 6 that have been removed (as in the paint numbers are not shown on the new brochure) are shown at the bottom.  Only two of these have not been replaced with a new pigment or a new version of the same pigment - the Gamboge Modern and Pozzuoli Earth. I have noted where there has been a change in colour but the number has stayed the same. Here is the link to the new Schmincke brochure.

These swatches have been photographed under 'sunlight' lamps, but some colours are still difficult to show - especially the warm yellows and oranges. Schmincke has a number of beautiful orange-yellows and bright oranges so it's a shame not to be able to show them better :-(

There are some excellent new colours but still a large number of two-pigment colours remain that are not strictly necessary as there are excellent single pigment versions available. It's great to see some more granulating pigments, and a G has been added to the brochure information to highlight the more granulating colours in the range.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Titanium Opaque White (was Titanium White Opaque), Permanent Chinese White,
Titanium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon,
Chromium Yellow Hue Lemon (was Chrome Yellow lemon, no lead).

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Vanadium Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, Pure Yellow, Aureolin Hue (was Aureolin Modern), Cadmium Yellow Medium, Chromium Yellow Hue Light (was Chrome Yellow light, no lead).

These swatches are more orange than shown. The new Turner's Yellow is a rich almost pastel yellow, like a Yellow Naples. The last two are definitely more orange than they appear here.

Transparent Yellow (was Translucent Yellow), New Gamboge (was also called Gamboge Gum Modern -
discontinued 2017, no direct replacement), Turner's Yellow (new 2017), Quinacridone Gold Hue (new 2017),
Chromium Yellow Hue Deep (was Chrome Yellow Deep, no lead), Cadmium Yellow Deep. 

These are also a richer orange than they appear. The new Yellow Orange is a definite orange yellow as PY110 tends to be. It's a lovely addition.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Indian Yellow, Yellow Orange (new 2017), Cadmium Orange Light,
Chromium Orange Hue (was Chrome Orange, no lead), Cadmium Orange Deep, Transparent Orange
(was Translucent Orange) 

These are all brighter orange reds.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Saturn Red (new 2017), Cadmium Red Orange, Permanent Red Orange,
Permanent Red, Cadmium Red Light, Geranium Red (new 2017).

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Vermilion, Vermilion Light (new 2017), Scarlet Red, Cadmium Red Medium,
Quinacridone Red Light (new 2017), Transparent Red Deep (new 2017).

Ruby Red Deep is a great addition as this is my favourite crimson pigment.
Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Cadmium Red Deep, Perylene Maroon (was Deep Red), Perylene Dark Red
(new 2017, replaces 345 Dark Red discontinued 2017 not shown here - see below) ), Alizarin Crimson,
Ruby Red Deep (new 2017), Madder Red Dark. 

 Schmincke Horadam Watercolours Madder Lake Deep, Bordeaux (new 2017), Rose Madder, Permanent Carmine,
Ruby Red, Magenta. 

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Purple Magenta, Quinacridone Magenta (new 2017), Quinacridone Violet,
Potter's Pink (new 2017 - deeper than the W&N or D.S. versions), Perylene Violet (new 2017),
Quinacridone Purple (new 2017).

Purples and violets are easy to mix, but sometimes a single pigment version is lovely for certain characteristics, such as granulation or staining power.
Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Manganese Violet, Schmincke Violet (was Mauve), Cobalt Violet Hue
(new 2017 - no pigments given, but apparently it is an apatite), Ultramarine Violet, Delft Blue, Indigo.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Dark Blue (was Dark Blue Indigo), Phthalo Sapphire Blue (new 2017
Replaces Helio blue Reddish 478 discontinued 2017 not shown here - see below), Cobalt Blue Deep,
French Ultramarine (new 2017), Ultramarine Finest, Ultramarine Blue.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Cobalt Blue LIght, Cobalt Blue Hue, Mountain Blue, Cobalt Azure (new 2017),
Prussian Blue, Paris Blue. 

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Phthalo blue, Cerulean Blue Hue (was Cerulean Blue Tone), Helio Cerulean,
Cobalt Cerulean, Helio Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Cobalt Green Turquoise, Prussian Green, Viridian (new 2017),
Chromium Oxide Green Brilliant, Phthalo Green, Helio Green.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Permanent Green Olive, Sap Green, Permanent Green, May Green,
Cobalt Green Pure, Cobalt Green Dark

The new Transparent Green Gold is not the usual single pigment PY129 sadly, but another two pigment hue - PY154 and PBr7.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Hooker's Green, Olive Green, Chromium Oxide Green, Olive Green Yellowish, Transparent Green Gold (New 2017. Replaces 536 Green Yellow which was discontinued 2017. Not shown here - see below).

I'd prefer the Raw Sienna was a single pigment PBr7. The Yellow ochre is lovely - better than this swatch shows, though I do prefer PY43 for yellow ochre. I really like the Titanium Gold Ochre - not a new colour but one I'd like to explore.
Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Rutile Yellow (new 2017), Jaune Brilliant Dark, Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna,
Yellow Raw Ochre, Titanium Gold Ochre.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Yellow Ochre, Transparent Ochre (new 2017), Raw Umber,
(new version 2017 is two pigments), Raw Umber (old version), Naples Yellow Reddish, Spinel Brown
(new 2017 - a really interesting colour)

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Gold Brown, Transparent Sienna (new 2017), Maroon Brown
(new 2017 - listed as NBr - but I think it is PBr 7 - I love this as a great natural Burnt Sienna colour),
Burnt Sienna, English Venetian Red, Madder Brown.

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Transparent Brown (was Translucent Brown), Mahogany Brown (new 2017 - using the PBr33 that was in the discontinued Walnut Brown shown below), Indian Red, Pozzuoli Earth (discontinued 2017 - no replacement), Mars Brown (new 2017), Transparent Umber (new 2017)

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Burnt Umber, Green Umber (new 2017), Vandyke Brown, Sepia Brown,
Sepia Brown Reddish (was Sepia Brown Tone), Neutral Tint.
(Not Shown 652 Walnut Brown, discontinued 2017 - see below)

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Neutral Grey, Payne's Grey Bluish, Perylene Green (new 2017),
Schmincke Payne's Grey, Lamp Black, Ivory Black

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Hematite Black (new 2017), Charcoal Grey (replaced with Anthracite, 2017),
Anthracite (new 2017), Graphite Grey (new 2017), Mars Black (new 2017)

Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - Silver, Gold, Brilliant Opera Rose (new 2017), Brilliant Purple,
Brilliant Red Violet, Brilliant Blue Violet.

Here are the discontinued colours. In most cases they have been replaced with a different pigment (and a different colour number) or a different version of the same pigment. If you love any of these, stock up! I really like the Walnut brown, but this version of PBr33 is not longer available - the Mahogany Brown that replaces it is also a wonderfully granulating though much warmer brown.

Discontinued Schmincke Horadam Watercolours - 210 New Gamboge (or Gamboge Gum Modern) no replacement, 345 Dark Red (replaced with a better pigment - Perylene Dark Red), 478 Helio blue Reddish (replaced with Phthalo Sapphire), 536 Green Yellow (replaced with Transparent Green Gold), 666 Pozzuoli Earth (not replaced), 652 Walnut Brown (the same pigment is used in the new but warmer Mahogany Brown - wonderful granulation).

Schmincke also introduced a metal palette with a porcelain insert - really clever - with two different 12-colour palette options.

2021 update - new colours from Schmincke.

Happy painting!


  1. What Sennelier colors do you need?

    1. Most of them actually - they reformulated with more honey so they are tricky paints to send. I have 19 swatches of Senneiler - I've been sent them in disposable contact lens cases and in chewing gum or tablet blister packs! I have Cad Yellow Light, Sennelier Yellow Light, Naples Yellow, Yellow Sophie, Yellow Lake, French Vermilion, Cadmium Red Light, Sennelier Red, Quinacridone Red, Cobalt Violet Light Hue, Red Violet, Diox Violet, Cobalt Blue, Blue Sennelier, Cinereous Blue, Sennelier Green, Viridian, Hooker's Green and burnt umber. I don't know which are old and which new stock of those though...they paint out beautifully.

    2. Oh - also have Quinacridone Gold, Payne's Grey, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna.

  2. Thanks for doing this. I looked everywhere and couldn't figure out the subtractions from the line!

    1. It certainly took some figuring out, especially since I'd read that there were 140 in the new range but I could only come up with 139. Guess how many colours in the new catalogue - 139. Should have read that earlier! "100 unchanged, 35 new, 4 optimized colour shades in the highest quality".

  3. I am amazed by--and thankful for--your thoroughness, Jane. These swatches are beautiful ... I have always liked Schmincke's blues. I see a few others I'd like to get!

  4. Hi, Jane, I counted them at 139 too - and I think the 140th "color" is ox gall - you know how Schmincke puts a pan of that in their larger sets. Here is some text that probably came from Schmincke and I found pasted on Jackson's (and other sites): The Complete 140 Colour Schmincke Horadam Watercolour Range

    The features of the new, enlarged 140 assortment include: 139 brilliant, intense colours plus an Ox Gall (the wetting agent): 100 unchanged tones, 35 new tones, 4 optimised tones in their usual highest quality.

    1. Ah - now it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification :-)

  5. Hi Jane, thank you so much for posting this, i was searching for some color chart of this brand and just couldn't, i'm so happy to have found your blog :D
    I have a question, i want to buy some pans to do a warm/cold palette, i was thinking on PB15:3 and ultramarine finest for the blues, permanent carmine and vermillion for the reds (not so sure about vermillion) but i have struggle with the yellows, i was thinking of PY151 for the cool and PO62 for the warm, but as you say the oranges are more rich maybe is better PY65? Yellow orange looks nice, but here in Mexico i doubt i will see the new colors in the near future.
    What do you think would be a good palette? i'm just starting to learn about pigments and your opinion would be of huge help.
    Hope you have a nice day :)

    1. Your choices make sense. I prefer the new French Ultramarine simply because I love the granulation, but if you don't think the new colours will be in Mexico for a long time, stick with the Ultramarine Finest. It's also a lovely colour. For the cool blue 'Helio Cerulean' is a good choice as it is well on the green side. If you wanted a less staining colour you might choose Cobalt Cerulean as the cool blue - it's granulating and less transparent but an alternative colour.

      For reds Vermilion is a great choice - I use this pigment in DS (pyrrol scarlet) and it's a beautiful warm red. for the cool either Permanent Carmine or Ruby Red (both PV19) depending on whether you want to start with a more 'pink' or a more 'crimson' colour. The Ruby Red may make slightly clearer purples but the Carmine is a little stronger looking.

      For yellows I'd go with Lemon Yellow PY3 and Chromium Yellow Deep (PY65) as they are both very bright and make an excellent warm and cool pair.

    2. Thank you very much! :D
      what earth colors do you recommend? i noticed that the pigment on yellow ochre is not the same of the one used on other brands, and that some of the "browns" have a mix of pigments, like the case of burnt sienna.
      I'll be keeping an eye for when the new colors arrive here, there are a ton of amazing ones, and the granulating ones looks interesting.

    3. Many of the Schmincke earth colours are mixtures, and their yellow ochre is the synthetic PY42 rather than the natural PY43, but it's a nice colour so would be a good yellow earth choice. The most beautiful burnt sienna (orange earth) option is Maroon Brown, which is made with the natural PBr7 burnt sienna pigment. If you prefer the more burnt orange version, the new Transparent Sienna is the single pigment choice, but i always prefer PBr7 for the orange earth. For the red earth, Indian Red is the best option. Add Burnt Umber and the new Green Umber if you also want a dark warm and cool brown. Or pick up the discontinued Walnut Brown as a really interesting granulating cool brown and mix it with the moroon brown for your own burnt umber hue.

    4. Again, thank you so much! you did help me very much nwn

    5. I am working on a new section on my website showing various 12-colour palettes - you'll see the colours mentioned shown. Have a look here -

  6. Hello,
    I am wondering how to tell which ones are single-pigment colours?

    1. The little box on the bottom right if each swatch has the pigment information. Look for ones with just one pigment listed.

  7. Hi Jane--
    A couple years ago I took your online beginner's watercolor class-among the best money ever spent on my art! :-) You helped me get my palette under control which helped so much.

    Recently I got a travel palette. I am trying to copy your 14 colors. Where I live, I don't have access to WN Artist grade paints (but do have access to Cotman) nor do I have access to Daniel Smith. I can get student quality Daler Rowney and Van Gogh. The only artists' colors I can get with a pretty good selection is Schminke, so this post of yours is fabulous.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do instead of Pyrrol Crimson. Part of the problem is that I just have never been an Alizarin Crimson fan (I have both WN perm and DS reg AC) In your opinion, what would be good alternatives? Would Transparent Red Deep work? Or Dark Red Madder? Unfortunately, I also don't have access to the new, 2017 colors from Schminke, and so can't take advantage of Ruby Red Deep.

    Also wondering if you have any ideas for replacements for Raw Umber? I did get WN's Cotman's RU, and it was pretty atrocious (light, very green) I played around a bit and thought maybe DS Sepia + WN's raw sienna might make something close? Or is there anything here in Schminke's old inventory that might work? I have access to Schminke's walnut, for example. Or maybe a Van Dyke Brown might work?

    Lastly . . . Goethitite. I've tried raw sienna but . . . meh. It doesn't seem very similar. (Happily I have a life time supply of Buff Titanium and Quinacridone Gold from my last trip to the states, so I have those two covered) :-)

    Thanks so much--

    1. I also see that if I go online (opposed to local store) I have access to Lukas Aquarell, Meimeri Blu, and Sennelier. Maybe Lukas' Raw Umber is the best choice?

      Thanks so much!

    2. I'd certainly suggest Schmincke over the student ranges, and buying from a 'brick and mortar' store is nice to do :-)

      Yes Dark Red Madder in Schmincke would be a good crimson option since you can't get Pyrrol Crimson DS or the new Schmincke Ruby Red Deep. But before you buy another paint, just see if you can make a good crimson by mixing your permanent rose/ruby red with your warm red - you may be able to mix your own (if you have tube paints).

      For raw umber I'd suggest going with Schmincke Walnut while it is still available - single pigment and lovely granulation but a relatively cool deep brown.

      There isn't anything else available that is the same as the beautifully granulating DS Goethite but yellow ochre would be my choice from Schmincke for an earth yellow.

  8. Wow, thanks so much, Jane. As always you are so kind and helpful. Really really appreciate it. I'd also like to add that the personalized help you gave me in the setting-up-your-palette class resulted in such better paintings due to better color harmony. Also more confidence = more fun. Thanks again for being such a great resource!

  9. Do you have a list or know of a list of Schmincke and Daniel Smith's single pigments colors?

    1. I don't have a list as such, but I have noted the pigment numbers on every swatch in this post and the Daniel Smith full range post so you can find them fairly easily.

  10. I contacted costumer service and NBr is indeed a typo. Maroon Brown is PBr7

  11. Hi...I was trying to locate PY 153 with Schmincke colours and it doesn't appear available as a single pigment. I would like to try mixing my own Sap Green. Could you recommend an alternative? Thank you.

    1. PY153 has been discontinued as a pigment, which is a real shame as it was a gorgeous warm yellow. The closest is PY65.
      You can use many different pigments to make a sap green. I like Quin Gold (pretty much any of the different brands will work) mixed with a touch of Phthalo Green; yellow ochre with Phthalo Green; or three pigment mixes with ultramarine and burnt sienna and a yellow if you want it to be a granulating mix.

  12. Hi Jane, thanks for this excellent post. I am a beginner when it comes to mixing colours. I was wondering if you could help me with a question: when looking for a particular shade in paints, should I give more importance to the name or the pigments used?
    For example, I wanted to get a quinacridone magenta which in many ranges is PR122. My art store only has Horadam Aquarelles. In this range there is a quinacridone magenta but it‘s PR202. There is, however, the shade Purple Magenta in very same range with the pigment code PR122.

    What would you please advise in this situation- should I purchase the shade I‘m after according to its name or ignore that and follow pigment codes?

    Many thanks!

    1. It's a good question Maria. The pigment number is more important but doesn't always tell the full story. The example you gave, PR122 is very similar across brands - a clean mixing magenta. Lovely option for a CYM palette. The PR202 is a bit richer and stronger but not quite so clean mixing.

      Other pigments that are similar across pretty much all brands are PY129 (a green gold), PBk31 (perylene green), PG7 (phthalo green but many other names), PR255 (a wonderful warm red), PR264 (my favourite for a crimson), PY65 (hansa yellow deep), PY3 (a lemon yellow) and PB15:3 (phthalo blue green shade). There are many others but those might be ones you come across.

      However in some pigments, the number doesn't clearly indicate the colour. PR101 is mighty confusing - it might be a transparent burnt orange (W&N burnt Sienna) or an Indian Red, Venetian Red, Caput Mortuum or granulating rusty colour such as DS Transparent Red Oxide. Other multi-personality pigments are PV19 (can be rose pink or violet or even crimson), PBr7 (can be raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber , burnt umber and others), PB36 (can be cerulean blue through to turquoise) and even PB28 (can be cobalt blue to light turquoise.

      So you need to consider the pigment and the name, and they may vary by manufacturer. That's one of the reasons I've created these swatches - so you can see them!

  13. What a candy shop of colors...all by Schminke, my favorite watercolor and half pans too. Wow what a great website for Schminke addicts -- I've been using them exclusively since the 1970s or so and felt alone in a desert for information. Your website presentatoin is just fabulous. Thanks so much. But...where to purchase selections from a vast line of half-pans online? In the USA, but 2 shops online and with limited offerings. One in London and again, not a good selection if one is going for the new or experimenting with offbeat offerings.

    As many others have said, a stupendous presentation. Thank you so much!

    1. Woops! Found a place in the US that carries the full line of 1/2 pans. A store called Wet Paint. Would nevertheless enjoy learning if other online stores carry the full line.
      Thanks...and Cheers!

    2. You can get them from Cheap Joes in the US as well - they stock the tube colours. It is interesting to note that tubes sell better in the US and pans sell better in Europe.

  14. Thanks for the effort, Jane. Cheap Joe's (by my inexpert search) however only sells half pans in sets, not separately. Did the change? Wet Paints does the whole range, and Guiry's does a selection. Wet Paints offers free shipping at the US$100 mark while Guiry's starts at $60. I was able to replace some exhausted pans from my set at Guiry's. Of course there's a creep in new color accumulation. I'm now up to a total of 40, and two new ones are arriving today.

    Alternatively, I've found Jackson's in London, again with a limited selection. But! They sell that marvelous looking Dot Color Chart (currently on its way in the mail to me).

    My wife's parents in Germany sent me the Schminke set (24 colors) -- that's how I, in the USA, got to Schminke half pans -- many decades ago and I liked them immensely and immediately and wouldn't think of tubes. I don't know if there's any sort of comparative conversation on tubes vs. pans, but pans are just so darned available to the wet brush that tubes seem laborious instead of being nearly spontaneous as do the half pans. My son has a Schminke half pan set now as well.

    The drawback on the half pans in the set is lack of color identification on the pans. With a homemade box I'm hoping to find a way of affixing numbers to pans(or nearby). The Dot Chart with the numbers would be the key...and off I'd go.

    Great set of websites, Jane. Sincere thanks!

    1. Woops again. Got the half pans and they are 1/2 the size of what I have! So I'm "full pan" and it looks like Rochester Art Supply in NY state has both full and half pans. got me there.

    2. Cheap Joes sells the tubes, which you can use to refill the pans. You can also get empty pans. I write the colour name, pigment number and brand on all my pans and half pans.
      Full pans are great for brush access.
      Happy painting!

  15. Neyyire Reyhan20 May 2020 at 09:34

    Hey Jane, I have realized two things and want to share them, if you are interested to revise them. The first one is about Peylene Violet, there is no number of it on charts (should be 371). The second is about the pigment info of Yellow Raw Ocre. It should be the mix of two pigments, PY42 and PY43. Thank you for your nice and very useful swatches, best

  16. Neyyire Reyhan20 May 2020 at 13:15

    In actual there is a slash between 2 pigments. Is it mean that there is a changeability of using pigments for sometime? Or are they just mixing them? I did check out for one more time and realized that some of the colors had the same issue. There are two pigments written on the chart for the colors, but there is a slash between (unlike some others with semicolon). Do you know the meaning of it, I am asking because I want to buy only one pigmented paints for some reason. Thanks again

  17. Is there any substitute for Schmincke 787 payne's grey bluish? I love that color but it's hard to find it in my country

  18. 657 Transparent Ochre in their Watercolour Transparent Mixing Colors Set - 6 color, has a very strange seems there is very refine sand, and after putting to my pallete, it is very hard to get the color.

  19. Suggest a 24 colour Schminke palette for me...thanks

  20. Hello
    Thank you for your hard work. I've just now accidentally came upon a 5ml tube of walnut brown. I just had the time to fall in love with it before realizing it was discontinued. I tried recreating my own with my browns, blacks, blues, etc but I couldn't find the formula. In the mean time, I've manage to find 2 5ml tubes on ebay I hope there's not fake and the'll eventually arrive.
    Do you have any ideas of mixture to help me recreating that color?
    Thank you again for what you're doing here.