Saturday 12 March 2022

Mastering Watercolours online course

I've just begun an annual run-through of Mastering Watercolours, my 13-lesson online course (including the huge introductory lesson) that delves deeply into watercolour - how to mix it, how to control it and how to paint with it using a range of techniques. It's a huge course that can be completed entirely at your own pace at any time. See a short video here 

However for those who like to have a sense of a community going through together, a scheduled run-through, available at some stage each year, is a great time to dive in and begin, or to do it all over again!

In a scheduled run-through, I concentrate on each lesson for the one or two week period as scheduled (see my website). That means I'll be checking each section of each lesson in detail - commenting, answering questions etc on a far more detailed and daily basis. I do a run-though of each of my courses once a year.

See you there!

(Anyone already registered just needs to log into their Ruzuku account or click on the link of any of my course newsletters.)