Monday 9 August 2021

Special Effects in Watercolour - my newest course

In spite of this being our 7th week of lockdown in Sydney, I am keeping busy and actually having a lot of fun creating the extension course to my huge Mastering Watercolours course. This is a six lesson course with very complex and detailed projects along with some extra challenges to explore.

In Mastering Watercolours, we build a solid foundation in the understanding of colour mixing and watercolour techniques, creating a sketchbook filled with colour charts, wheels and notes along with a number of completed paintings. In Special Effects in Watercolour I introduce more techniques to take these ideas further. 

It's based on natural subjects - four of the lessons are on flowers but we also look carefully at mushrooms and some wonderful stones and pebbles. Each feature special effects that are demonstrated but then put to use. Each lesson contains lots of video content and step by step explanations.

Watercolour is a magical medium and it's great fun to be explaining it in even more depth.

Special Effects in Watercolour is available now. The course begins on the 18th of August, with a new lesson being released each fortnight. 

Mastering Watercolours is available as an open access course - work through at your own pace.

Travel Sketching, my other 13-lesson foundation course, is also available as an open access course.