Tuesday 10 February 2015

New website page - updated

'The Ultimate Mixing Palette: a World of Colours'.

My new book is now complete  - charts cleaned up further, cross-references added, notes all done. It was then the minuscule details in the layout and proof-reading that took for ever.

I have added a page to my website with additional information on the colours used in my ultimate mixing palette - alternate brands and so on. I may also add some 'recipes' on this page showing how to create hues of other colours using this palette.


There's a sneak peak at one of the 49 charts here, though they have all been labelled now.

March 2015 update
The book is now published and available through the Blurb website in premium lustre paper hardcover or softcover versions, eBook version and standard paper softcover version.
Here is a link to all of my books.

July 2015 update
Here is a link to the Daniel Smith article published on their blog and website about the book and palette, with a number of Daniel Smith alternative paint options.