Tuesday 19 July 2022

Kakimori brass nib

I love it when a company comes up with a new design for an old tool! 

The Kakimori company has done that with the nib, creating bullet-shaped nibs in stainless steel or brass, along with a lovely design in glass that can be fitted to a pen holder. The stainless steel nib is supposed to be slightly finer than the brass nib.

They have created 4 pen holders too, and will probably add to the range. You can see all the designs on their website here.  You can also see the gorgeous ink bottles, glass pens and beautiful made-to-order notebooks. 

They ship internationally.

I've used dip pens for ever! I use them for writing and drawing, for calligraphic lettering and for masking fluid. They must be held at the correct angle to work, and can easily blob or blot if not used with care.

This new nib doesn't have a right and wrong side. Changes in the line width are created by changing the angle of the nib to the paper. The steeper the eagle, the finer the lines. Working flatter gives very broad strokes. This nib should be easier for left-handers to use too.

I think this will be a really fun nib to use for drawing, but also for applying masking fluid and even watercolours. 

The nib holders that are available are lovely, but it will also fit into some nib holders you may already have - such as the Koh-I.Noor and the Tachikawa. 

I've created a YouTube video to show the brass nib in use.

They are available from Kaimori.com in Japan or internationally, or from Larrypost or Bookbindersdesign in Australia or from StLouisArtSupply in the US.