Saturday 23 December 2023

Blue Pine Arts Handmade Watercolours.

I was sent a lovely collection of Blue Pine Arts handmade watercolours from Trupti in India. There are some really playful colours that were fun to paint out. I have more to add to this post but will publish the colours so you can see them this festive season.

Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Alphonso Yellow, Sunset Ibis, Quin Gulaal, Rosamarine, 
Lady Marasaki, Butterfly Ultramarine.

The effects of the two pigments in Alpine Lake green and Nebulla Green are lovely.

 Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Trupti's Indigo, Old Jeans, Alpine Lakes Green, Berylmarine, 
Deodar Green, Nebula Green

These are all convenience greens, but very pretty and usable.
Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Forrest Green, Imperial Jade, Mango Leaf Green, Fern Green, Sap Green, Paddy Green.

Moss Green and Henna Green are also lovely convenience mixes.  The Burnt Orange was a 'wow' to paint out :-)
Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Moss Green, Henna Green, Light Olive, Gold Ochre, 
Nutmeg Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange.

Poinsettia and Maple also have unusual effects - fun mixes to play with on damp paper. I like the fun spicy names.
Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Poinsettia, Maple, Indian Red Chilli, Staranaise Caput Mortuum, 
Dark Clove Hematite, Ash Grey

Blue Pine Arts Watercolours - Trupti's Grey, Trupti's Grey II, Storm Blue, Living Shadow, Mars Black Pepper.

More to come - in 2024. Happy New Year!

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