Thursday 21 December 2023

Arkaar Handmade Watercolour

I received a collection of handmade watercolours from India, created with love by Tripsi. It's taken a little while to paint them all out and scan them to share here. 

I scan the swatches with a Canon LiDE 400 scanner, and crop and eventually individually colour match each swatch as closely as I can. However the colours are still not perfect - especially some of the yellows and yellow oranges. They frequently distort again when loading them onto this blog. I haven't had a chance to individually colour match the full range, but want to at least share the colours this year!

These are reasonably accurate until the Iso Yellow, which doesn't show the rich brightness of this colour. It's the colour of a typical cadmium yellow deep.

Arkaar Watercolours - Buff Titanium, Nickel Yellow, Cadmium Lemon, Benz Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Iso Yellow.

The following are scanned together - I'll individually colour check them later, though after the yellows and oranges they are pretty good matches already.

The first yellows are actually brighter than they look here.

Arkaar Watercolours - Hansa Yellow Deep, Cadmium Golden, Cadmium Orange, Benz Orange, 
Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Deep

The rest are fairly accurate as they are.
Arkaar Watercolours - Lake Red Deep, Quin Rose, Coral, Quin Magenta, Orchid of Amazon, Ultramarine Pink

Arkaar Watercolours - Manganese Violet, Ultramarine Violet, True Lavender, 
Ultramarine Blue, Oriental Blue, Cobalt Blue Deep

Natural Indigo is used here, so won't be lightfast. Best used just in a sketchbook.
Arkaar Watercolours - Warm Indigo, Cool Indigo, Blue Lavenda, Arkaar Blue, Cobalt Cerulean, Cerulean Blue

Arkaar Watercolours - Ercolano Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Blue Green, Arctic Lake, Viridian, Nicosia Green

Arkaar Watercolours - Chrome Green, Brilliant Green, Vintage Green, Pear Green, Moss, Dark Green.

Arkaar Watercolours - Verdant, Golden Green, Green Gold, Yellow Ochre, 
Oxide Yellow, Mont Amiata Natural Sienna

Arkaar Watercolours - Raw Cyprus Ochre, Verona Yellow, Limonite, Italian Raw Sienna, 
Orange Ochre, Italian Brown Ochre

Arkaar Watercolours - Pozzuoli Red, Elcolano Red, Red Earth, Burnt Sienna, 
Burnt Sienna Mont Amiata, Mars Orange.

Arkaar Watercolours - Arkaar Watercolours - Sanguine, Venetian Red, Terracotta, Potter's Pink Light, 
Potter's Pink Dark, Mars Crimson.

Arkaar Watercolours - Mars Violet, Violet Hematite, Malbec, Indian Red, Caput Mortuum, Sepia

Arkaar Watercolours - Cyprus Burnt Umber, Fossil, Cassel Earth, Cyprus Raw Umber, Saaya, Vintage

There is quite collection of greys!

Arkaar Watercolours - Midnight, Metamorphosis, Storm, Shadow, Das Schlon, Mist

Arkaar Watercolours - Frost, Warm Grey, Rome Black, Indeevar, Charcoal, Hematite.

Arkaar Watercolours - Mars Black, Lamp Black

There is more to add, but here are the colours to enjoy in time for the holidays :-)


  1. These look like lovely colours Jane. Thank you for sharing them, and have a lovely Christmas!

  2. Your examples are really appreciated, thanks for providing an introduction to Arkaar paints…new to me.

  3. Thanks for your valuable advice