Tuesday 9 October 2018

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - full 104 colour range.

ShinHan is based in Korea. They have a number of different art materials - oils, acrylics, poster colours, art makers etc - but I'll concentrate on their Extra Fine range of watercolours - the PWC range. They also have a ShinHan range with 30 colours and a student range with 24.

The PWC range originally consisted of 84 colours, with many being single pigment colours. They have added another 20 to the range and I am very grateful that they sent me a dot-card of the full range to paint out.

There is a full colour chart available from their website as a PDF download.

Page one of the ShinHan PWC watercolour dot card
Page two of the shin Han PWC watercolour dot card

New colours - PWC watercolour dot card.

They paint out brightly and rewet beautifully. Many colours are so vibrant that it is like painting with inks. There is not as much granulation in this range as there is in some - which some people will really enjoy.

However there are a few pigments that don't rate as highly as I'd like on the lightfast scales such as many of the reds, which are made with the very fugitive PR83.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Crimson Lake, Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red, Permanent Rose, Carmine.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Rose Madder, Pyrrole Red, Permanent Red, Brown Madder, Scarlet Lake.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Opera, Cadmium Red Deep, Vermilion, Vermilion Hue, Cadmium Red Orange.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Brilliant Orange, Permanent Yellow Orange, Cadmium Yellow Orange,
Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Indian Yellow, Permanent Yellow Deep, Permanent Yellow Light.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Aureolin, Greenish Yellow, Terre Verte (Yellow Shade).

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Olive Green, Cadmium Green Pale, Cadmium Green Light, Permanent Green No 1,
Cadmium Green Middle.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Cadmium Green, Cadmium Green Deep, Sap Green, Oxide of Chromium, Hooker's Green.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Green Deep, Phthalo Green Dark, Viridian, Viridian Hue, Terre Verte.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Shadow Green, Peacock Green, Cobalt Green, Turquoise Blue Light, Turquoise Blue.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Blue Pale, Marine Blue, Peacock Blue, Verditer Blue, Cerulean Blue.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Cerulean Blue Hue, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Blue Hue, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade),
Ultramarine Light.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Ultramarine Deep, Prussian Blue, Royal Blue, Indigo, Lavender.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Violet, Mineral Violet, Cobalt Violet Light,
Permanent Magenta.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Brown Red, Light Red, Brown, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Umber, Vandyke Brown 1.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Vandyke Brown 2, Sepia, Ivory Black, Peach Black, Neutral Tint.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Payne's Grey, Davy's Grey, Grey, Chinese White, Titanium White.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Brilliant Pink, Shell Pink, Jaune Brilliant 1, Jaune Brilliant 2, Leaf Green. 

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Permanent Green No 2, emerald Green Nova, Green Pale, Bleu Grey, Horizon Blue.

ShinHan PWC Watercolours - Lilac, Purple Grey, Bright Violet, Bright Rose.


  1. Cobalt Violet and Cerulean Blue from PWC have high chroma and are decently pigmented for the price, but they do require some pre-wetting. Still, those are some of my favourite cobalt paints!

  2. What is PWC's price in Australia? I can get about AUD $4-6 per tube here in Taiwan depending on the series. I own their Raw Sienna and Hooker's Green. Both rewet beautifully and have rich colours.

    1. I haven't ever found them in Australia! The samples have been sent to me from wonderful people from all over the world - especially Hong Kong in this case.

    2. Hi Ching
      While reading this blog I saw that you mentioned that you can get shinhan paint in taiwan. Would you be able to kindly share with me which store in taiwan is selling shinhan paint? I am looking for it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks once again!
    Is their permanent rose as deep red as it seems here? Does it compare to Da Vinci alizarin Quinacridone? Da Vinci is so Extremely expensive here -terrible shipping- and I am looking for a good permanent alizarin. Preferably single pigment. I find Daniel Smith perm. Alizarin too warm. Any suggestions?

    1. No it looks deeper in this image I am afraid. It is a traditional quin rose colour.
      I assume you are in Europe if American paints are expensive - consider Schmincke Permanent Carmine - like the Da Vinci one, that is a crimson made with PV19. Or splash out and buy the 37ml tube of Da Vinci Permanent Alizarin (Quinaqcridone) and it will last for ever!

  4. Hi Jane, thanks for sharing your swatches. Interestingly, some of their colors such as Carmine and Crimson Lake use the fugitive PR83 as you mention, but their site says the former paint is rated with their highest degree of lightfastness (3 stars, though they don't indicate how this might compare or rate on the ASTM scale). While I realize manufacturers have their own lightfastness tests and it depends on the individual formulation, I find it a bit confusing as to whether I can trust their lightfastness ratings, though some of their other paints have ratings that make more sense, such as the 3 stars for burnt umber and the 1 star for bright rose. Any thoughts from your own experiences or knowledge with these paints?

    1. I am suspicious of any paint made with PR83. I find it simpler to avoid it altogether in favour of a PV19 rose and a PR264 crimson, both of which are more reliable pigments.

  5. Dear Jane,
    I have a question about pwc Permanent Red. In photos online it looks more like a true red than the coral hue that is typically expected from pr209. Is this true or is it just the weird nature nature of the pigment which hinders accurate reproduction?

    1. It's a very bright, rich and vibrant red - the colour swatch is very close to reality, though there is a slight coral undertone in a wash.

  6. These colors remind me of holbein, even the name of the colors are same.
    Is the quality same too?

  7. I see two versions PB15:3 here. (well, three but the other one looks turquoise) May I ask which you would recommend for a pthalo blue green shade?

  8. where can i find a dotcard for this brand? thanks!

    1. I was sent the dot card by the company. I don't know if they are available generally sorry.

  9. Dear Jane,
    would you be so kind to help with 6 PWC primary colours. I'd like to have cold-red palette of red-blue-yellow shades.
    Thank you.

  10. Dear Jane. Could you please help me to choose warm and cool red from PWC? Will red pyrolle and quin red will do in pair?

    1. Consider Vermilion Hue (warm orange-red) and Permanent Rose (cool and useful primary red)

  11. Hello,
    Their burnt umber doesn't really look like it's granulating. Does it appear differently in real life?

  12. Vermillion Hue is rated as only one star for lightfastness

  13. I am happy to find this page. I am New in art. I had only 6 hours to discover watercolour, , i want to do more. I will follow you to learn from you, thank you from Canada

  14. Thank you, the PDF chart that they have on the site doesn't represent the colors well. so thank you for providing an accurate chart.