Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Maimeri Blu revamped range

MaimeriBlu tube and half pan, taken from the website

I was checking the links on my blog and website yesterday and saw that my 2017 paint-out of the full Maimeri Blu range is now totally out of date. They have done a complete revamp of their range, dropping or reformulating about 35 colours and adding a whole lot of new ones to take them to 90.

Here's the link to their website.

But what is quite striking is that the range is now almost totally single pigment colours. As far as I could tell, the only exceptions are Mars Black - a new colour made with PR101 and PBk11, and Brown Madder (Alizarin) which I assume replaced Avignon Orange, but is made with two versions of PR206.

They have added a number of lovely looking PB36 variations, a PB26 Cobalt Green, Potters Pink, my favourite warm red PR255 (257 Pyrrole Red) and a lovely looking PO71 Pyrrole Orange. They have switched to a single pigment Indigo (NB1!), a single pigment Payne's Grey (Vat Blue 1) and a single pigment Neutral Tint (PbK26). Other new additions are the lovely PBr24 as a single pigment Naples Yellow and the rather rare PB74 Cobalt Blue Dark.

They have also marked every colour wiht a lightfast rating of *** which I can't see as being correct, however that was the case in the previous colour chart too.

I have tested nine of the colours in the new range - six are new colours - see below.
New MaimeriBlu watercolours - Indian Yellow (new pigment), Pyrrole Orange, Quinacridone Lake.

New MaimeriBlu watercolours - Turquoise Cobalt, Phthalo Turquoise, Green Gold.

I also tested Ultramarine Deep, Raw Sienna and Verzino Violet, which look the same as before.

I don't know when I'll be able to test out the rest of the range but am grateful to MaimerBlu Italy for the above samples. Here is the link to the old post with the new range shown at the bottom. If you have favourite Maimeri Blu colours that have been dropped, stock up now before they disappear.


  1. I like that they've gone single pigment like Daniel Smith but concerned over the wide range of permanent to fugitive. Some beautiful colors though.

  2. Thank you Jane for sharing your precious experiences with new Maimeri Blu watercolors as they help every artist. I really hope that you will be able to make the rest of new swatches very soon. Kind regards.