Saturday, 25 September 2021

Drawn to Nature - Solo Exhibition

I'm delighted to announce a solo exhibition at Gallery 11:11, a wonderful teaching studio and exhibition space in Epping, Sydney. The exhibition, Drawn to Nature, runs from the 16th October to the 30th October 2021, with in-person and online viewing options available. Wherever you are in the world, you can have a look :-)

A celebration is planned for the 22nd October.

I'll be showing more than 20 watercolours, all inspired by nature. In this exhibition I have really focused on the beauty of the natural world, especially flowers, so it will be an explosion of colour. 

This exhibition contains a mix of original works on paper or canvas, and limited edition Giclée prints. There will also be a display of my sketchbooks, showing some of the original sketches created on location in the same space as the final paintings.

“My art inspiration and ideas come largely from the natural world – flowers, trees, rocks, people and landscapes – and I prefer to work from life, beginning with drawing. I enjoy the challenges of abstraction and incorporate abstracted backgrounds and features into many of my paintings.

My work covers a range of media – watercolour, pen and ink, collage, pastels, acrylic, oils and etching – often incorporating several into a single work. Of all these media, my favourite is watercolour, which I have been exploring for over 40 years. It is a remarkable medium that allows the qualities of the pigments to become an integral part of the painting, rather than just the addition of colour. I am constantly searching for new ways to incorporate watercolours and watercolour techniques into my art, including works with watercolour on canvas.”


  1. How exciting, Jane! You will have to post a link so we can visit online when your exhibition becomes available. Congratulations. Karen

  2. Congratulations! Please consider posting your work to the blog after the exhibition for those of us who cannot attend.