Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy New Year for 2019

2019 started in Sydney with a bang as usual - the midnight fireworks off the Sydney Harbour Bridge are always wonderful.

Plans for this year are coming together. I'm delighted that I'll be teaching again at the Urban Sketching Symposium in Amsterdam in July. The information about that can be found here. I'll be teaching a workshops called 'Setting the Tone, Creating the Texture'. I plan to have a few extra days before and after the symposium to explore Amsterdam, and will also spend a few days in London.

I'll also be teaching a few week long workshops in Bathurst and in Cairns - information on those is on my website here.

And in October I'll be teaching a 20 day workshop in the Greek Islands as announced earlier.

I'm hoping to get to Melbourne - perhaps in April? and perhaps also to Singapore and/or Hong Kong.

On the technical side - I have been having problems with my comment section for some time - I've been unable to respond or to delete the few span comments that pop up. I've changed some settings so I can moderate the comments myself - I hope you can still manage to comment should you want to.

I have a new scanner and am gradually re-scanning all the swatches I've created and photographed so I can add them to my website. I've nearly finished documenting every available professional watercolour apart from a few brands...

The other big job I hope to complete is the transformation of my online lessons from their current PDF form to the full website with videos. It's been really delayed by the noisy construction that has been going on for over two years next door but the end of that is (I hope) in sight...making the videos can then properly begin. I'll also be able to get my YouTube Chanel underway with lots of quick beginner lessons and tips. I have a number of ideas but suggestions are very welcome.

Best wishes to you all for a creative, productive, joyful and fulfilling year ahead.


  1. Hi Jane,

    Best Wishes for you too. I just recently found your great watercolor study and I enjoy watching all that gorgeous color swatches and become more and more informed on the way watercolor behave, can be mixed and what are good colors.
    Thank you so much for bringing all that work (enjoyable work I think) out in the world.

    Have a nice and beautiful colored year!
    Best regards from The Netherlands, Gerda

  2. Hi Jane!!
    Happy new year to you!
    I just discovered your site thanks to a YouTube channel... thank you so incredibly much for all the amazing information and swatches ! I'm quite new to watercolour & this information is absolutely priceless- I'm more grateful than you can imagine!
    I only recently received my first set of watercolours ( mission gold pure pigments), and I really have fallen in love. It must sound silly but my dream is to paint watercolour portraits. May I ask, is there a particular brand that is better suited to portrait painting? I mainly use coloured pencils, and everyone's preferences , styles & techniques etc vary, but still there are certain brands that a more suitable for different subjects because of their characteristics ( caran d'ache luminance portraits, polychromos for detailed word, fur, feathers - overgeneralisation but it's an example). Is it similar for certain watercolours ? Or do you have any suggestions ? I have done some research & have a few things in mind but would love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Thank you so incredibly much & hope your year ahead is amazing!
    Kind regards from Australia,

  3. Your blog is soo useful!! Thanks so much! I use it a lot to know more about!!!