Monday, 14 December 2015

Bath 2016

I really enjoy teaching workshops. Having a full day to explore a specific area of ink drawing, plein air sketching, watercolour, colour mixing or whatever is terrific. Even better is having more days!

I am very excited to be teaching three 5-day watercolour 'bootcamp' workshops in 2016. We'll have the time to take a detailed journey through the ins and outs of pigments and colour choices, colour mixing, different ways to create washes, sketching with watercolour, botanicals and so much more. It will be exhausting but wonderful.

In January and July I'll be teaching at the Mitchell School of Arts in Bathurst. Also in July 2016 I'll run a 5 day workshop in Bath, UK, which will of course include some plein air sketching of the lovely buildings.

Then I'll do some demonstrations in the UK and head to the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester :-)

I am hoping to add more workshops in the US and Canada in September and October.

I keep my website updated with upcoming workshops and demonstrations here.

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