Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Another Daniel Smith 5ml set - Alvaro Castagnet.

Another Daniel Smith 5ml set has recently been released, including a new colour - Burnt Sienna Light. Here's the link 

I am always fascinated by the different colours artists choose, and have painted out many palette choices in my sketchbook from the wonderful artist dot cards that Daniel Smith have produced.

Alvaro paints with passion and adores reds. The interesting thing for me is that this set doesn't include a 'warm and cool' of each colour but rather a 'warm and neutral' of each colour. Hansa Yellow Deep is a warm yellow, Yellow Ochre as a great neutralised warm yellow. Mayan Orange as a warm orange-red, Burnt Sienna Light as the neutralised orange. Pyrrol Red is a bright red, Deep scarlet is a neutralised warm red.

Then there is the lovely pair of a mid and a warm blue - Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue. Neutral Tint and Viridian (a granulating and liftable pigment similar in hue to phthalo green) complete the set of 10 colours. There are no cool yellows, reds or even blues.

The new colour, Burnt Sienna Light, is made from PR101 + P048 so provides a more orange and less earthy burnt sienna hue than the regular Burnt Sienna PBr7. I imagine it will be particularly welcome for those switching to Daniel Smith from other brands.

I had a bit of a play when I first heard about the new colour (new colours are such fun!) mixing Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Transparent Red Oxide to create what I expected would be the new colour. (see the top row) I love the wild granulation of Transparent Red Oxide (top right) PR101.

I then added the W&N Burnt Sienna PR101, then below left is the regular Burnt Sienna PBr7 that I love.

The new Burnt Sienna Light arrived today and is shown below right. It is nicely granulating. I'll play with it some more soon :-)
Some of the colours are only available in 5ml tubes if you buy this set, though you can still get them in 15ml tubes. Burnt Sienna Light is exclusive to this set but I hope to see it extended in to the 15ml range.

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  1. I like the colours in this selection. There are several colours I do not use.