Wednesday, 26 August 2015

4 - Mixing with Raw Umber

This is the 4th on my series of colour mixes using my Ultimate Mixing Palette

Raw Umber is a neutralised yellow. You could create this hue by mixing a purple and a yellow but that's quite a fiddle. The Daniel Smith and Da Vinci versions are wonderful and dark so they add a dark cool brown to the palette. I find Raw Umber really wonderful for shadow colours, skin tones and in landscapes. 


  1. Agreed - the DS BU is so much stronger and darker than the WN. I used the WN for years and struggled with it all the time. Now I've moved to DS BU I no longer have the problem

  2. The Daniel Smith version of Raw Umber is my favorite - it's a more even neutral brown than Winsor Newton or M. Graham's versions. I find it just works in a lot of situations.

    1. I agree. It's a colour I really like to have. As it is not an easy colour to create quickly by mixing, it's a great pigment to add to the palette.
      Burnt Umber less so - you can mix that warm brown hue with Burnt Sienna and a little ultramarine.