Tuesday 18 June 2013

Watercolour comparisons - index

I plan to post my comparisons of various watercolour pigments and colours over the next few weeks under the title of 'watercolour comparisons'.

My plan is to start with colours suitable for a primary triad - Ultramarine,  Mid Yellows and then Primary Red options.  Next is Burnt Sienna, then greens, then other blues, yellows and reds, then other interesting earth colours and pigments, then darks and lights, then purples and oranges. If you are interested in any in particular I hope you'll let me know. I'll add a link here as I post them.

Watercolour Comparisons 1 - Ultramarine Blue here
Watercolour Comparisons 2 - mid yellows here
Watercolour Comparisons 3 - Primary Red here
Watercolour Comparisons 4 - Burnt Sienna here
Watercolour Comparisons 5 - Greens (Single Pigment, convenience mixes and special effect) here
Watercolour Comparisons 6 - Reds (Cool, mid and warm) here
Watercolour Comparisons 7 - Yellows (cool mid and warm) here
Watercolour Comparisons 8 - Blues here

Still to come...
Watercolour Comparisons 9 - Earth yellows
Watercolour Comparisons 10 - Earth oranges
Watercolour Comparisons 11- Earth reds
Watercolour Comparisons 12 - Blacks whites lights and darks
Watercolour Comparisons 13 - Purples
Watercolour Comparisons 14 - Oranges


  1. It would be REALLY great if you could get back to these! I was just looking for the purples one. Also, just a recommendation, giving them their own tag might make sense. You started one in the blues post.

    Thanks again for a fantastic, exceptionally helpful blog!


  2. Thank you for your expertise. I'm needing and looking forward to your posts on these comparisons which I am finding extremely helpful in deciding what I want to invest in. I have already made mistakes in buying fugitive colors, mixed pigments, student grades, etc. So your posts are invaluable.
    Thanks for your time and effort,
    Inge Lise

  3. Thank you so much for the carefully thought out color information! You're a great encouragement!

  4. Really looking forward to the purple comparison. Hope you still get around to finishing these because they are so useful. They help me to think through my pigment choices when putting together new palettes or triads.