Monday, 21 June 2021

Subscriber changes

I have been reading lately that Feedburner was no longer going to be supported, and have finally made the switch to I hope it will be a smooth transition. 

Those who have verified that they wish to subscribe shouldn't notice much difference, however you will be able to adjust your settings to be able to decide exactly what you want to receive.

If you haven't subscribed before, perhaps you'd like to. 

I've also introduced moderating of this blog so it may take a little longer to see your questions or messages. I was getting too much spam and no one wants that in their email boxes. 

Feel free to contact me and add your comments and questions - I'll get to them as soon as I can :-)


  1. Thank you for this most helpful information about warm and cool pigments and mixes.

  2. Jane How do I subscribe to your blog? I can’t see where to do it. I found your discussion of warm and cool colors very helpful. Thank you.