Monday, 13 April 2020

Mastering Watercolours online course

I've been teaching a 12 lesson online course via email, using PDF files with step by step instructions, for many years. I've seen fabulous results from many students. However, I have always intended to create videos to make it so much clearer.

It's taken a long time, but I launched the course last week, starting with an introductory lesson, with Lesson 1 popping into mailboxes tomorrow and then another each week for a total of 12 weeks.

I've sent out invitations to join to those who have been on the waiting list but also wanted to share it here. I'll be very active during this first run-through, checking comments, answering questions and adding more information if needed. Once this is complete, I'll set up the option for people to enrol in the course as an on-demand version.

I've used the Ruzuku platform, as I think it has a great interface for students to clearly see where they are in the course and what they have completed. It also has lots of options to enable students to post their work into galleries or participate in chats.

Here is a page of information and FAQs.

Here is the information link

You can join any time, and take your time to work through the lessons, up to the 1st of July. After that I'll set up a new version that will be available on demand, and start working on getting my Travel Sketching course on the platform :-)


  1. Hi Jane....
    Is there a difference between the Schmincke Purple Magenta (PR122) and the Daniel Smith Quinacridone Lilac (PR122) ??? Which is brighter? Prettier? Which would you recommend? Thanks a lot !!

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