Sunday, 8 April 2018

ARTescape 2018

I'm excited to have been invited to teach at the Cairns ARTescape for 2018 - a week long workshop series in beautiful North Queensland, Australia. We'll be based in the Botanic Gardens Arts Precinct - what could be more perfect?

I'll be teaching a 5 day Watercolour Bootcamp - a great workshop for those relatively new to watercolour, or even more experienced artists, who want to really get to know and understand how this fabulous medium works. We'll set up the perfect palette for each student, explore the many characteristics watercolours, create useful mixing charts and colour wheels and paint a number of studies and more detailed paintings exploring a range of techniques and some interesting triads.

You can see the full program here

To register click here

Snow Gum. Watercolour.


  1. If only I could win big in the lottery I'd be there. Have wanted to visit Australia and as long as I'm going half way around the world, stops in Japan and Hawaii too.

    Alas, not on my retirement pay. And the pittance of an income tax refund this year is already spoken for.

  2. I really love your blog! I love to study color like you do. You are so organized! Thanks for sharing.


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