Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mijello 20-colour palette

My teaching palette. 20-colour Mijello palette.

I'm always playing around with colours and palettes but this one is working so well I thought it deserved its own post. It is the Mijello 20-colour palette, that I received in the UK last year. It is available from Jacksonsart.com. It is slightly larger than the very popular 18-colour fusion palette, that I also like, and used previously, but with this I can add a couple of my most used convenience colours. Of course the same colours could be set up in a Masters Palette too. You can see a huge range of palette options on my website here - I have just updated this Palette section :-)

I really like the open-well style of palette rather than pans or half pans - they provide excellent brush access and plenty of space for the paint. This has three large mixing areas and you can remove the clear insert to clean it or to place it over a painting to check the colour match.

I use it for my teaching, so it has my recommended palette colours. If you want 20 colours I think these are also hard to beat :-)

The colours are Daniel Smith - here's a paint-out and explanation. The links are to my blog posts showing the colours in mixes.

Buff Titanium - I use this all the time for urban sketching and for the subtle colours of some Australian natives.

Hansa Yellow Medium - a lovely primary yellow - great for mixing brighter oranges and greens

Quinacridone Gold - this is the PO49 but the new hue also works well - wonderful for a golden glow or for mixing gorgeous greens.

Pyrrol Scarlet - I think this is a beautiful warm red, and it neutralises beautifully with phthalo blue GS (For my personal palettes I use Transparent Pyrrol Orange but the scarlet is gorgeous.)

Pyrrol Crimson - a rich crimson that neutralises with phthalo green BS

Quinacridone Rose - another lovely primary option - this mixes clean purples and is a lovely rose.

Ultramarine - a great warm blue

Cerulean Chromium - so useful for skies and for a bit of extra granulation

Phthalo Blue Green Shade - a transparent staining colour that I generally only use for mixing

Phthalo Green Blue Shade - another transparent staining colour that I use for mixing. This neutralises with Pyrrol Crimson

Perylene Green - a fabulous deep green for landscapes and florals

Undersea Green - a gorgeous neutralised green convenience mix. Great for landscapes and florals.

Sap Green - another really useful convenience mix - I use this and undersea green a lot in urban
landscapes too.

Yellow Ochre - I love using this as an earth yellow in an earthy primary triad.

Goethite - this is one of my favourite watercolours due to the extraordinary granulation. I use it for urban sketching, beaches and landscapes

Raw Sienna - lovely for skin tones and for the golden glow of sunsets. More transparent than yellow ochre.

Burnt Sienna - a nuetralised earthy orange - excellend as a basic skin tone and for mixing a range of browns.

Indian Red - the most opaque watercolour if used at full strength, this is also lovely in an earthy triad.

Raw Umber - a deep cool brown - really excellent for leaf litter, urban sketching and trees.

Jane's Grey - I don't make up palettes without my convenience mix of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine.

The colours can also be seen in the palette link to my website here