Tuesday, 6 February 2018

'Drawing Attention' - the Urban Sketching Zine.

The Urban Sketchers organisation, which was 10 last year, is going from strength to strength. The monthly newsletter has been redesigned to an informative 'zine' that is packed with information, gorgeous photos and plenty of live links. I am delighted to have been featured in February but I'd encourage anyone interested in urban sketching to subscribe as all the USk events and workshops are being listed in the zine.

Here is the link to subscribe http://www.urbansketchers.org/p/drawingattention.html

Here is the link to the January edition, featuring Rob Sketcherman, Deborah Rehmat, Liz Steel and Lynn Chapman.

And to February,  featuring Marion Rivolier, Marc Taro Holmes and me.

The organisation is gearing up for the next symposium in Porto this July - registration will be open soon - on the 17th February at 15.00 hours GMT - and another series of 10x10 workshops are being offered in many cities around the world. I'm busy working on the next series for Sydney. Hopefully we'll have a great range of workshops to choose from by the end of this month.

Happy Sketching.

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  1. Very exciting news on the 10x10 workshops coming to Sydney again. Looking forward.