Friday, 24 February 2017

Top 60 watercolour blogs

I'm rather delighted to have been included in this list - you may enjoy many of the other blogs mentioned in the list here.

There will be others you know of that are not in the list - feel free to add them in the comments, perhaps saying what you like about them - so others can find them too.


  1. Congratulations on being recognized. And you're in the top 20.

    I've bookmarked a few of those on the list.

    Here are a few that I don't think were on the list that I like:

    Roz just moved. I think I like her old format better.

    This isn't a blog so much as a networking website with a forum for discussions on many subjects.

    1. Good suggestions there. Wetcanvas is excellent as a discussion forum but can absorb a load of time ;-)

  2. Very useful list, Jane, thanks. One blog,I would like to add is
    Kate has a very distinctive, loose style with watercolor, and does these little video demonstrations which are lovely. I think you're find it very interesting.

  3. I missed! Gives me lots of inspiration. Have a look yourself!
    Jan Jaap Berkhout

  4. You definitely belong there. Thank you for the link. I would have included both of Ian Sidaway's blogs. His work is amazing.