Monday, 12 September 2016


I missed out on a week of turquoise, which would have been the next logical colour, but added it in later. There's a fine line between a greenish-blue and a blueish green - when do they become turquoise/aqua/teal? And it's the same with the opposite of turquoise - a red-orange vs an orange-red, though there is no name for the in between colour.

There are many mixed greens available but I focussed here on more of the single pigment greens. I love the granulation of the Daniel Smith Primatek colours Green Apatite Genuine, Jadeite and Serpentine Genuine. I included DS Undersea green, even though it is a two-pigment mix, since it is one of my favourite convenience greens. I also included the DS Sap green - and other lovely useful hue.  Chrome green is an interesting more opaque green - not one I've used very often though I like it. Rare Green Earth is only just a green shade of grey - a gentle landscape green, that could be used in distant mountains in a landscape.
Greens can be neutralised by adding a red, though whether a warm or a cool red depends on how yellow or how blue the green happens to be.

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  1. You are amazing in the analysis of colors. As a newbie, I REALLY REALLY appreciate what you're doing. I'm not going to go out and buy all of the colors you're using, but oh my, you make my choices easier! (I think. . . )
    Thank you!
    Peggy Bjarno

  2. Hi Jane, Firstly I am loving my new colour palette that you put together for me, thanks again.
    I have fancied Undersea green, and I think that I will try some, but I have already tried Genuine Diopside, and it is a stunning colour which I can match to the real gemstone as I have a ring with it in and it is very close. I have often wondered why some artists have such a vehement hatred of Viridian, as it is such a useful colour being affable to being modified either way, making some really good landscape colours.
    I got some Perylene green eventually and I am beginning to like it as it is a lot more versatile than it first appears.
    Thanks for the post Jane, great as usual.

  3. I'm in love with my new color palette that you put together for me, thank you again.
    I thought green submarine, and I think I'll try a little. I was a ring with him and that is very close. I often asked myself why some artists have such hatred.
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  4. I have subscribed to your blog via email and am hoping you continue posting. I have learned so much from reading here. Thank you! xoxo

    1. Thank you - I'm glad you find it helpful. I am in the process of moving house, having now returned from a month away and the US and Canada, but will be posting again once I am sorted in my new location!

  5. I don't use the Chrome Green or the Cobalt Green.

    I've mixed my own Cascade Green, Sap Green and Green Gold. I've also mixed my own Undersea Green but find I use it so much it's more convenient to simply buy a tube. I use the Cascade Green so often I should buy a tube of that too. I find I don't use the Sap Green at all except to mix it with something else. I do like the Deep Sap Green I mixed.

    I really love the Primatek greens. I have Serpentine, Green Apatite and Jadeite. I've just bought Diopside Genuine and am considering Rare Green Earth. I am enjoying all of the Primateks. I need to practice with them more. I don't mix them much but would like to experiment with mixing them in washes with the regular watercolor line.

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog with all the color charts & comparisons. I have a whole Pinterest board ("Color Charts - Jane Blundell") dedicated solely to them. Thank you very much! ~~~ Jennifer Alvarez