Thursday, 3 September 2015

Super 5 fountain pen and inks

I was given a Super5 fountain pen to try. It's not intended as a drawing pen but has quite a nice 0.5mm italic nib for writing. It is quite heavy for a plastic pen so not one I'd be grabbing for over some of my other favourites but as I have recently posted about a number of pens thought I'd add this one.

Of more interest perhaps is the Super5 range of waterproof inks, which can be seen on their website here. The colours are unusual. There is a black (called Darmstadt) and a very useful looking grey (Frankfurt), a blue (Atlantic), an olive green (Dublin), a dull yellow (Delhi) and an Indian red (Australia).

They rate from 6 - 8 on the Blue Wool Scale, with the black rating the highest (7-8), which is acceptable, and they claim to be totally waterproof.

The Super5 Inks, from
I haven't tried them - the blue in the pen was from the regular non-waterproof range - but I would be happy to hear from those who have. In the meantime I am perfectly happy to keep using the De Atramentis inks and mixing my own colours.

(If you want to see these mixes please search my blog or click Mixing De Atramentis Inks and you'll see some of the huge range of colours that can be created.)