Friday, 4 April 2014

Another trip to Cockatoo Island - just for fun

Liz and I spent a great day at Cockatoo Island, something we've talked about doing for a while since it seems to be a favourite place for both of us.

Liz sketches very fast and my challenge was to try to be much faster and freer so I wasn't holding her up too much. While she still did two or three sketches to my one, I also worked on A4 Moleskine this time rather than my usual A5 so I had a bit more splash room. A great day. She tells it pretty

We started at the old electrical boxes, as the weather was looking threatening and these were something I'd seen a number of studies of at the Urban Sketchers workshop and wanted to tackle without getting too fiddly....
Old electrical boxes at Cockatoo Island
The we went to the convict area. Last time I went to this part of the island it was stinking hot so this was a good day to paint this lovely wall.
A wonderful sandstone wall at Cockatoo Island
And after a well earned lunch with some compulsory paint and pigment chat, we went to draw the crane. It started to rain so we took shelter in one of the tunnels. Liz did three paintings while I did this one but I have still managed to be a bit looser than usual.

One of the many rusting cranes at Cockatoo Island
A great day with a good friend!


  1. Love the story. I saw you in Sketchbook Skool.

  2. It's always fun to sketch with friends. I hope there is a sketch club or Urban Sketchers group near you Nancy.